Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Minute 10/4/10

Yay!!! It's Monday and it's nice and crisp here in Bama (Roll Tide!) at 49 degrees!!!  WOO HOO!!!

It's time for another edition of Monday Minute with Cristy at Is There A Doctor In The House!

(1) What's your biggest pet peeve? Constantly comparing your kid to mine.  I have a friend whose daughter is 3 days younger than Maggie.  Everytime I see her, it's "Oh M is doing this and M is doing that and she's the best, she such a fashionista and everybody loves M."  Well let me tell you, my kid isn't a brat or a liar or a little sneak. 

(2) Describe your first kiss. (Ian's suggestion, thank you Ian!) WOW!!!  It was 5th grade, I was "going with" Scott and Lori was "going with" Jason.  We decided to have them come over to my house after school, which was completely taboo since no parent was home, so we could have our first kiss, a real full blown french kiss, I mean that was the plan.  I remember it like it was yesterday, Scott and I were sitting on the couch and Lori and Jason were sitting in the black recliner and Jason and Lori kissed first while Scott and I looked on and then it was our turn.  I didn't think it was gross or anything because I was totally into boys and I did lots of kissing after that.  In "Lovers Hall" at school, by the bathroom while the entire 5th grade looked on, it was great!!!! 

(3) Describe the drunkest night of your life (or at least, the drunkest night you can remember).  Gosh there are so many!  One of the more funnier ones was the night of our office Christmas party and open bar....need I say more?  I was wearing a full lengh black dress, looked pretty spiffy!  My friend Lucy and I took a cab there because we knew where the night was going before it even began and that way there was no way we could drive and put our lives or any else's life in danger by drinking and driving.  We were completely toasted and left the party with two of the runners from our office in a Toyota MR2, a two the math, four people + two seater car = one jacked up ride home!  Well, we didn't go home just yet.  We ended up at Billy's, a local pub, with the partners of the firm we worked at and they were paying the tab.  Well, if that's the case, bring on the Jager shots!  I dropped my cigarette and fell out of my chair when I bent down to get it, by the time we left there, the split in my skirt was up to my hip and everyone could see my control top panty hose.  We finally got back home at who knows what time and one other thing I remember about that night was I was sitting on Lucy's porch and fell off into the bushes.  That made for some gut wrenching giggles! 

(4) What's the last movie you saw and what did you think of it? We don't go the theater because I'm too cheap, I'll wait till it comes on PPV or Netflix or something.  I did see Transformers last week and it was a good movie.  I don't get into movies like that but I thoroughly enjoyed it, kind of like that kiss! 

(5) Do you prefer taking a bath or a shower?  definitely a shower.  I don't have time to lounge in the tub and the times I've tried, I get too bored and end up getting out pretty quickly!
Hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. I'm with you on the movies. We wait for pay-per-view for most new movies we wnat to see.

  2. Totally loving the fall weather too! SO nice!

    We're netflix lovers too. I like getting TV shows on it!

    Thanks for linking up again girl! : )

  3. I'm DEFINITELY a new follower. You crack me up. Hahaha. Love it!


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