Monday, August 24, 2009

SE is 4!

My little monkey turned 4 a few weeks ago. She had a couple of little friends over and we had tacos, cake and ice cream! We had a really good time! My brother, King of Farts, was in town and it just happened to be his birthday too. The King told me before I had SE that she was going to be born on his birthday (way past my due date) and she was going to be demon spawn. Well, he was 95% right. She was born on his 31st Birthday, which was also the day he left for his first tour in Iraq as a Marine. She's not quite demon spawn, but she is a handful. It doesn't matter, I love her just the same!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SE, my little photographer......

Boy oh boy.....SE loves to get my camera and take pictures of everything. She is sneaky about it too. I never know she has had the camera until I'm looking at the pictures on the camera and I see all the ones she has taken. She takes pictures of the light fixtures, newspaper, the floor, the fireplace, the cat's butthole, her sticking out her tounge, her Nintendo DS, but I came across one picture I thought I would not see. She took a picture of her doo doo in the toilet!!! I'm not even sure when that happened, but I'm still laughing about it. That picture will be it's on page in her scrapbook!!! She is one crazy little girl!