Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

Oh favorite co-worker of mine, I saw the big pile of work you left in the conference room that you are hiding from our boss so he thinks you've done all this incredible work!  Makes me laugh in disbelief, thank you very much!

I can't think of anything else right now, but the day is still young.....until next time....I'm out!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love Publix!!!

I don't know why I wait until the last minute to go to Publix for their weekly sales.  I could have gotten more of what I wanted if I had gone sooner. Ugh....Oh well, I had a good trip anyway! 

 I spent $32 and saved $23!!! 

I've saved $108.44 this year.  I don't have all of my savings down yet.  I need to go through my receipts, so it will actually be more than that! 

Post It Note Tuesday

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Bathroom Smells Like What?

Yes, the bathroom smells like fresh cut lemons.  Thanks to Poo-Pourri, now people everywhere can "go" in a public restroom and not be embarrased by any odor they might leave behind!  My mother in law found this in the Cayman Islands and brought it home to me.  The do sell this in the States, at little speciality gift stores.  I must say it comes in handy at work! 

February 2010 Snow

Okay, don't laugh at the amount of snow on the ground. This is a fair amount for us folks in Alabama! These were actually taken at my mother's house, we didn't have near the snow at my house.  Unfortunately for MJ, she didn't get to play because we were at my house and SE was at her grandmother's house. 
SE had a birthday party on Saturday after the snow, which had completely disappeared by the time I picked her up at my mothers.  She was dressed and ready to go!  She's so dramatic, she was trying to act all serious and there is nothing serious about this girl! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loss of a Friend

A little over two months ago, one of Big Daddy's friends co-workers was killed in the line of duty on a traffic stop. It was devasting to our community.  I don't know that I've ever felt that kind of heartache before.  We have all loved ones and friends pass away, but I've never seen some one's death affect so many people the way Philip's death did.  Philip left behind a wife and two kids, a 2 year old daughter and 10 month old son.  Those sweet sweet babies will know who their daddy was, but they will never really know him.  His wife seems to be doing okay, much better than I think I would be doing.  I just can't imagine Big Daddy going to work and not coming home.  I pray for his wife and kids every day.

I'm back.....

I just get bored with the internet, but I since I'm blocked from Facebook at work, you will be getting alot more blogs from me!