Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Boogers I Call Kids

A good friend of mine is starting a new job today after being off work for nearly two years.  She has done a great job being a stay at home mom, but she felt like it was time to go back to work.  I worked with her when she was pregnant and I kept telling her that little Ava was going to be a booger. Ava was going to be child that caused her baldness.  I hit the nail on the head.  Ava is a pistol!  She is cutest little girl, such an angelic face.  Ava like my little Sarah is a hand full.  Sarah gets wound up real easy and when she does, you better look out. There is no telling what she will do.  Anything from dancing like a stripper and I have no idea how she learned to do that, honestly (on a side note, we are going to sign her up for hip hop classes) to sticking her naked, freshly showered bum on her sister's pillow and freaking her out.  You just never know what she is going to do.  She can be defiant and strong willed, but darnit, I can be more that way than she can and one day she will learn that. My friend has called me several times about Ava's behavior and how to handle her and I just give her my honest opinion and what I do when Sarah has acted like that.

Anyway, my point of this is we have these kids that drive us crazy, sending us to our closets hiding and crying, making us cry while in public because no matter how hard you spank, they are still misbehaving.  I was crying in Chick Fil A on Saturday, she wouldn't be still and eat, she was all over the place, meaning squirming in her seat, pushing the table, making gigantic messes, spilling ranch dressing on her pants, I mean, it's constant.  It's like everywhere we go everyone knows her name and I'm sure they are glad when we are gone.  She can't make up her mind what she wants to eat or drink in restaurants, I try to narrow her choices to make it easier for her, still doesn't work.  She is so hard headed and just so hell bent sometimes, but I have to remind her that I'm the mother, I'm the boss and I can be more hard headed and stubborn than she can be and I will win.  As crazy (funny, I mean) and wide open as she is, she is my more sensitive child. Mike works nights and he leaves around 9:20, the kids are usually on their way to bed by that time and he gives them lots of hugs and kisses.  Sarah stands at her open bedroom window and yells for Mike as he is backing out of the driveway and crying because she feels like she hasn't gotten enough hugs and kisses.  She loves hugs and kisses. I don't love Maggie any less than Sarah, but I love them different.  Maggie is my go to girl.  She sends me text messages and says how crazy her sister is.

My friend that just went back to work, today is her first day and I think she cried all the way there because she missed her baby.  Something about those little boogers just tug at your heart strings. They drive us crazy, but we love them so much at the same time, it makes it nearly impossible to feel relieved about having a little bit of a break from all of the madness.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Letters of Intent - January 13 Edition


Dearest Husband and Kids,

For the love of everything sane, PLEASE quit asking me for this or that, PLEASE quit asking me where stuff is located in the house, PLEASE stop "ordering" me around!  Ya'll are driving me crazy!  It's always, where's this and that, hey can you do me a favor, etc etc etc.  Ya'll don't do anything for me except give me a hard time about everything!  I'm going on strike and I'm doing anything for anyone except myself.  There I said it and have a nice day. Good Bye.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ready For A New Beginning

Thank goodness 2011 is over!  It was a year filled with ups and downs.  I had to have a shunt put in my noggin because of high fluid pressure.  It sounds pretty serious, but it was fairly easy!  No headaches, which is huge and a new hair style!  Since they had to shave my head, I think I'm going to keep it really pixie short and keep the color gray! I think I really like it.  I mean I miss my hair sometimes, but this is sooooo easy!

My mother had gastric bypass in April and found out she had ovarian cancer.  She just finished treatment the first of December, had a CT scan on the 29th and is completely cancer free!  Praise God!  She had lots of ups and downs through out her treatment, the first treatment almost killed her, they changed her meds and treatment got back on schedule but she was staying sicker than she was supposed to so they looked at her gall bladder and they had to remove it, after that, it was smooth sailing with her treatments, well except the normal chemo sickness. But that has all passed and she is on the mend, her and her sweet little bald head.

Anyway, I'm going to try to start blogging again.

Happy New Year to Everyone!