Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

On November 13, 2009, Big Daddy and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  He had a special day and night for me on Saturday and I didn't know until right before we got there.  He took me to Ross Bridge and we spent the afternoon in the Spa getting pampered.  We got a couples massage and then I got a facial.  Both were fantastic.  Mike didn't remember much of the massage, but I did!  It was my first massage and it was everything I thought it would be.

We at dinner at Brock's and I had grilled pasta and he had veal parmigiana and we split some yummy bread pudding.  Then we retired to our room to watch football.  That's all I'm going to say about that!  (wink wink)

The next morning we got checked out, ate breakfast and then did some Chrismtas shopping since the kids weren't with us.  We just about got everything done for the kids.  After our exhausting trip to Target, we had sushi for lunch and then we home.  I picked up the kids and Big Daddy went and worked at an extra job....back to lilfe as we knew it, kids, laundry, grocery shopping.....etc......

I'm looking to foward to the next 10 years with Big Daddy!  And the next, and the next and the next.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

MJ is the girl in the middle with short hair and glasses and her little crooked bowtie! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Strobe Lights and Wheelchairs

Courtesy of Rachel

This is my first True Story Tuesday.  I don't know that I've had anything recently TST worthy, but digging back in this ole memory of mine, I remembered something....

My in-laws live in West Bay, Grand Cayman.  Me, Big Daddy and the girls went down there last year right after Christmas and were there New Years Eve.  As you know, Grand Cayman is British and they drive on the left side of the road, totally freaked me out when we first got there. I thought we were going to be in a head on collision. On NYE, we went to dinner right on the water and on our way home, we are buzzing down the road and I see a strobe light coming toward us and oh my goodness, it was a guy in an electric wheelchair doing probably 15 miles an hour coming straight toward us.  As he's getting closer to us, Big Daddy's step dad yelled out...THAT WAS LARRY FLYNT (Hustler Magazine)!!!!!!   He is such a foul human being, but I sure did get a kick out of seeing that idiot with his wheelchair and strobe light!  By no means was I star struck, just thought it was hilarious!  

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

To the owners of Wing King who make the yummiest wings EVER that I can't resist when Big Daddy says want me stop by Wing King?  I say yes and I feel like I've gained 20 pounds in the last couple of months....thank you very much!

To the mounds of clean laundry that keep showing up in my living room screaming FOLD ME AND PUT ME UP, why can't you do it yourself?......thank you very much!

To the MVES choir, why can't you do a program in the evenings as opposed to 9:00 a.m. when folks are at work!  Now I have to try to find family members who are veterans and who aren't working to come see my daughter's 3rd grade choir pay tribute to you!  Thank you very much!

To Father Time - seriously I'm about to turn 39 already?  Thank you very much!

To Mr. Attorney General who dismissed our cases and we are having to work our butts off to get the cases instated, THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU JERK!

You can write your own Thank You Very Much posts and link up at Kmama's house.

Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a really fun Halloween and it didn't involve walking around our hilly neighborhood.  For some reason, we don't have a very good neighborhood for trick or treating so Big Daddy and I have resorted to taking the girls to other places.  This year, we were supposed to go to our church's fall festival, but they cancelled becuase the weather was so nasty in the earlier part of the day.  Cold and rainy.  So we decided to go to another local church and they had a HUGE fall festival.  We met another couple there whose boys are each a year older than my girls and they get along so good!!  We always have fun with them.  Here are a couple of snapshots from Halloween....

SE as Bat Girl

MJ is a Vampire

I'm a blooming idiot

Big Daddy is a nasty old man

I hope everyone had a safe and fun on to Thanksgiving (and my 39th birthday!!! EEEKKK)