Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Really? Seriously? What the.........?

The walls of sickness are closing in on me! 

My boss is at work with a nasty nasty cold, thankfully, he is staying in his office, but STILL!  I don't want his nasty cold germs and he would be sending me home if I were sick like that.

Then to top that off.....A lady I work with who works on the first floor (I'm on the second floor) didn't feel well when she got up this morning but came on to work, that's not a problem.  We have all done that.  Well, she was upstair in our TV room eating her lunch and I just happen to be walking down the hall, stopped in someone's office to chat, she comes out of our bathroom up here and said she needs help, she has poo poo'd and thrown up all over the bathroom and all over the toilet!  I'm the luckily one who got to fetch paper towels and garbage bags for the clean up, while another co-worked helped her get cleaned up and she mopped the floor and clean the toilet area.  In the meantime, the sick co-worker needed help getting down the stairs so she could slip out the back door and go home. She had poo all over her skirt.  As she was leaving, she HUGGED ME to thank me for helping her.  I got back upstairs and helped the other girl finish cleaning up. 

While all of this was going on, folks were coming upstairs to the kitchen for lunch and everyone was like was is that smell?  I mean, the stinch was HORRIBLE and no amount of spray helped, it probably just worsened it. 

I went in the kitchen to get something to drink and the fear of getting sick set in and I totally had a panic attack!! 

The next thing I know, SHE IS BACK AT WORK!!!! What the hell?  Really?  AND she has been in my office because she left a nice thank you gift for me, meaning she went shopping after she went home and showered and changed!!!  I'm freaking dying!!!!! 

I want to crawl in to a bubble right now!!!!  I almost hope I get sick so the sickos that come to work will know NOT TO COME TO WORK WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!!!   It's not fair to expose everyone to your germs and plus I have kids at home to think about! 

I want to just run the streets screaming!!!!!! 

I'm not feeling so well..........

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting To Know Me

This is totally random, but who cares!  I don't blog much, but I feel like I don't have anything funny to say, I don't let people bother me too terribly much, I just live a normal life, a husband, 2 kids, a dog, a cat, mortgage, and two car payments. 

Just in case you are interested, here are a few facts about me.
  • I love raunchy comedy.  For instace, I've seen the movie Bruno with Sacha Baron Cohen, who I think is hot hot hot.  It had to have been the funniest movie I have EVER seen!  I laughed until I couldn't breathe and Mike and I kept looking at each other like "Did we really just see that?"  It was CRAY-Z!!!!
  • I love tattoos.  I only have a little one on my ankle, but I want another one.  I don't know what's keeping me from getting another one.  Mike doesn't care and people say who cares what Mike says, well I care, he's my husband.  I know this sounds corny, but I found a cool pencil drawing of Tinkerbell that I want on the back of my neck and I told him he could go to Disney World (our 2nd favorite vacation spot) every night if I got it!!  He liked that idea, but not sure I'm willing to let him go EVERY night!!! 
  • My favorite vacation spot is Grand Cayman. That place sucked me in the minute I landed there for the first time on December 26, 2008.  My in-laws live there, right on the ocean, and there is nothing like getting up in the mornings and sitting on the patio watching the cruise ships come in while I'm sipping my coffee.  Hopefully we will be going back for trip number 4 this summer!  I'm so ready!
  • I was voted Most Unique my senior year.  I really wasn't quite sure WHY I was chosen, didn't think I was much different than anyone else.  The kicker was the guy that was voted with me was a "special" kid!  I mean he just wasn't real smart, he was 20 when he graduated!  Like I said, I really didn't understand why, maybe it was the asshole I was dating at the time.  Not sure.  But looking back, I have a specific memory of being at a church valentine's day party with a bunch of friends from school in probably the 6th or 7th grade and there was a Christian band playing.  Of course, us girls thought they were cute and no one would talk to any of the band members. I'm sure they were in their early 20s, but not sure.  I was like, crap, if no one else will do it, I will.  I calmly walked up to the band members as they were taking a break with my posse behind me and said "Hi, I'm Kool and this is my Gang!"  I thought it was pretty funny at the time and still do! 
I am not a very interesting person, just kind of goofy, but I am who I am.  Take it or leave it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cruisin' to Cozumel

Mike and I took a 4 day cruise from Mobile, Alabama to Cozumel, Mexico from December 9 to December 13.  It was a great trip, but cold as the dickens when we left, but we knew it would warm up at some point in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hanging out ready to get the heck out of there!

Atrium of the Carnival Elation

Back of the ship - it was pretty chilly, that's why I'm covered up with a beach towel.

Beautiful sunsent on the first night!

All you could eat sushi - we were in heaven!

Dinner on Elegant Night - We looked pretty hot!

YAY! Cozumel!  It was a beautiful little island!

After two of these and two shots of Tequila and
groping by the waitress at Carlos & Charlies...

Here I am!!!!

The beginning of a VERY rough day at sea!

Notice the relative wind was 47 mph, it got has high as 70 mph!

It was like a crazy movie or something!  People were puking everywhere, there were people walking around carrying their little barf bags around looking for a place to dispose of them.  The people like me, who weren't in their rooms throwing up OR in the hallways throwing up, were just lounging around drinking or  reading, watching TV, hanging out in the hot tubs.  All in all it was a great trip.  Hopefully the next time we go, we can take the girls with us. They would really enjoy all the fun activities on the ship. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year and My 2011 Goals

I don't remember the last thing I blogged about, but one of my goals this year is to blog more.  There are so many goals I want to reach this year.  Not resolutions, that is stupid.  There are things I've been needing to do and just too darn lazy to do them.  When I'm not working, I want to chill out. I don't want my entire life to be work away from home and work when I'm at home.  But I'm going to make these goals fun goals and maybe a little selfish, but whatever. 

I got this idea from HotPants and Karen at Karen's World.  If you want to join in, click on the button!

Here is my list of goals for 2011:
  • Write in my journal every day
  • Use coupons more
  • Reorganize my scrapbook area
  • Read more
  • Read the Bible
  • Send nice picture cards for Christmas
  • Stop drinking Mountain Dew
  • Organize pictures on my computer
  • Get my hair cut and colored every 8 weeks
  • Buy a new outfit once a month
  • Wash my face every night
  • Brush my teeth every night
  • Spend more time with my friends
  • Attend all Proverbs 31 meetings at church
  • Use my vacation time wisely
  • Quit buying cheap make-up
  • Concentrate more on my job
  • Plan a vacation
  • Make my bed every morning
  • Finish Twilight books
  • Watch Twilight movies (I know I'm behind)
  • Host a party
  • Blog at least every other day
  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Work on my scrapbooks once a month
  • Go to gym and/or Zumba 3 days a week
  • Get one credit card paid off
  • Organize my office
  • Organize my house
  • Have kids' pictures made professionally
  • Do 5 craft projects
  • Put some kind of window treatment in living room
  • Take the kids to the park more in the Spring
  • Save my swagbucks for a Kindle
  • Take the kids to the Zoo
  • Work out on Wii at least 2 times a week before work
  • Get a tattoo
  • Send birthday cards to friends and family
  • Redecorate Maggie's room
  • No more sarcasm when Mike asks me a silly question
  • Keep kids school stuff organized so I don't miss anything
  • Keep purse calendar and phone calendar updated
  • Drink more water
  • Let my nails grow a little and keep them painted
  • Lend a hand more/be more helpful
  • Plan vacation
  • Shower first thing on Saturday mornings
  • Wake up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings for "me" time
  • Have more patience
  • Walk around downtown Birmingham at lunch
  • Eat more salads
  • Keep 2011 goal log
Good luck to me!!