Monday, February 3, 2014

Drink Station

While I was redoing my kitchen, I wanted to have drink station with a little more room.  So I put away one of the coffee pots, the regular one we only use when we have company who wants coffee.  Now it's set up just how I want it and it's working out for everyone.

The Keurig is on a stand that slides out which makes it easy to "put away" since those things are kind of bulky, but take away the Keurig and we'll chop your arms off.

And this is where I keep all of my water flavor packets and sweeteners, etc.  Our favorite coffee cups are on the bottom.  We only keep those white ones because they match our dishes.

I'm just a happy camper with things they way I want them!

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  1. Jordan just got a coffee cart because she had no room on her counters. Ill have her post it...


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