Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I Learned From Fasting

As stated before, our church was having 21 days of prayer and fasting from January 5 to January 25.  Since I can't fast food or drink (surgery took care of that for me), I chose to fast social media and stupid games on my phone.  That included Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Pinterest, Candy Crush and Dragon City.  Those are the main ones.

The purpose of me doing this was so I could focus on my family and work on organization of our house.  Now, don't get me wrong, those things were not taking over my life, but after working all day, sitting in the car for at least an hour trying to get home from work, cooking dinner, helping with homework, etc, Mike would turn on the TV and watch Bizarre Foods or something, I would get bored and pick up my phone and socialize or play games.  I wanted to put that wasted time to good use.  

Little did I know, I feel like like I got a whole lotta nothin' done.  I tried to make good dinners every night even though I was having to work late.  I tried to keep laundry done even though it kept on piling up, while still not being able to work on the stuff I intended to work on.  I tried to just keep pushing on through and trying to make this work.  I don't know what it is about me. I have real good intentions and ideas, but my pea brain won't get itself together.  

Mike and I tried to get the house cleaned, but it just didn't happen.  One week was pretty rough, having to work late because of doctor's appointments and just stuff that comes up.  I mean on one Friday night I worked until 5:30.  Who works until 5:30 on a Friday night?  Everyone was gone except me and Mr. Joe, our 92 year old cleaning guy.  

So we had to end up calling the lady that cleans for us about once a month.  I feel like a failure as a wife and mother when I can't even get my own house clean.  I mean, my mother kept our house clean and she worked full time, just like I do. I don't know if it's just the times we live in, but I feel like a loser.  

Although, I will say that I enjoy the house being clean right before the weekend so I could focus on the things I've been intending to do, which still didn’t happen.  Although, I did get our meals planned out for two weeks.  That is a HUGE thing for me to accomplish.

After this first time of fasting from social media, I do like feel I was more focused on my family and I can only hope that they noticed.  I'm excited to be back blogging now!

What I learned from this fast was that no one really cares if you are on social media or not.  Life goes on with or without you, in many ways.  I really didn't miss it too terribly bad, I just missed talking to old friends and stuff like that.  


  1. First, I missed you. Second, I am completely baffled that you could think you failed in any aspect of being a good wife and mother! I've read your posts on fb for years and I've always been amazed at the way you spend so much time decorating, couponing, crafting, and all of those other "Supermom" activities while working full time. And doing it all with a great sense of humor and an obvious love for your family and your life. Don't set the bar so high that it's impossible to reach. To me, a perfect wife and mom is the one with a happy and well-adjusted family. Not the one with the cleanest house. Glad you're back!

  2. Karen you are so sweet! I just feel crazy all the time and can't get my crap together!

  3. Girl! I work from home full time and still can't get much of anything accomplished! I feel like I always have a 'plan' and then it gets shot to hades and back. Between my ebay stuff, schoolwork, 'house' business, kids, sports!!! AHHHHHHHH! I just want to pull my hair out sometimes. I have decided to look at it like this: we do the best we can and that is all we can do. Right? Do we have bad days, weeks or even months?? Sure. That is life. Do we love our family....most of the time...I'm kidding! You are a good Momma and your family is lucky to have you! I know I feel lucky to have you! Love ya sista fran ;)

  4. I just typed a book in your comments, and then hit sign out instead of publish, ugh!! Anyway, I am glad that you decided to take the time to fast and pray. I feel like the enemy saw that you were trying to grow closer to God, and work on your relationships, and grow closer to your family and he took the opportunity to attack you. I know as a full time working mom that it is so hard to stay focused and organized, and still be nice to your family. We are being pulled in a hundred different directions and it is just mass chaos at all times in our heads. I just want to stress that you are not a failure!! Don't get down on yourself, just keep trying. I think it is a daily battle that we fight with the enemy. You just have to wake up EVERY morning and pray and just ask God to take over for us, and then do the best that we can do. I am learning (slowly) to trust that promise, and give God control of the things that I clearly cannot handle on my own.

    Keep working at it! Just the fact that you tried this and lasted the full 26 days proves that you are a great mom, and a great wife. And I'm sure that they all know it!

    And, by the way, considering we are not "real life friends", I really missed you on the Social Networks! :)

  5. Mike did tell me that he loves that I'm putting so much effort into things. I'm not letting myself get "bored", always keeping busy and it just benefits my family in the long run. We need to fix this not being IRL friends! We live so close to each other! Let's make it happen soon! Okay!


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