Friday, January 3, 2014

Fasting Hiatus

Well shoot, I decided to start blogging again, but Sunday starts the 21 days of prayer and fasting at my church, so I will be on a 3 week hiatus because I am fasting social media and those stupid games on my phone.  I need the 3 weeks to get myself in order in a lot of ways!  Me, my family, my house.....and the list could go on and on. AND school is starting back Monday and I need to change the way my household is functioning.  I'm going to go batty if things don't change.


I'm going to try to get a post in tomorrow of my before and after photos since surgery in July.

The transformation of mind and body has been incredible.  I feel good about who I am, I feel good about my overall health and I feel good about what I'm eating and drinking and really only missing a couple of things that I once loved.....Milk and a good wrap from Roly Poly or sandwich with lots of meat and cheese, mayo and mustard.  Oh well.  I don't miss it enough to even gain a pound, so I will just admire it from afar.

The support I have gotten through this journey has been overwhelming.  I thought I would be judged for "taking the easy way out" but it hasn't been easy, but a lot easier than I thought.

Hope everyone had a good New Year and I just know 2014 is going to be great!

I will be back to blogging in full force on January 26!

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  1. You are a daily inspiration my sweet friend! Prayers for your fasting!

  2. Milk probably just gave you gas anyway ;)

    1. When I first read this, I thought you said Mike probably gives me gas. I was thinking.....maybe...... LOL!!!!

  3. Cant wait to see your pictures! Do you go to COTH, too?

  4. So, I think we have discussed that I go to Highlands also. The Tuscaloosa campus of course. I hope that the social media fast is going well for you, I know it can be hard to "unplug". This "I have decided" series has been pretty phenomenal.
    I'm glad you are faithful and fasting, but I can't wait to have you back blogging! :)


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