Monday, June 28, 2010

If I could take off work tomorrow, I would.....

  • Take the kids to daycare. I'm paying for it, they are going!
  • Stop by Dunkin Donuts (the only one in Alabama) and get some coffee!
  • Take a nap
  • Watch trash TV
  • Play on the internet and blog about what a fun unproductive day I'm having!
  • Take another nap
  • Fold some laundry that is piling up on my couch and put it away.
  • Organize my desk area
  • Play on the internet more
  • More than likely, none of the above other than sleep all day! 


  1. we ALL need a day of to do whatever we want, even if it is go ahead you have my okay!! :)

  2. My co-worker sleeps at work, so why can't I? I do occasionally call in "sick" if my boss is going to be out of town and have a day to myself. About twice a year I do that.

  3. Boo! I'm at work today as usual!


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