Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My World

I want to sleep for about a week! This is a typical day for me....up at 5 am, start getting myself ready for work, start getting the kids up around 5:40 am, fuss and fight with them trying to get them going, make sure all school stuff is together. I should actually help MJ do this the night before, but I'm so exhausted, I can't remember do it for some reason. I usually throw in a load of laundry before I leave the house, one of us has to round up the cat, SE pees in her pants sometimes, so we have to change clothes, she's begging for breakfast, snack or drink, we leave the house around 6:25, I drop off MJ at school at 6:33, then I have another 45 minute/17 mile drive to take SE to daycare and then another 30-40 minute drive to work.

Once I'm at work around 8 or so, I finally get breakfast. I rarely take a lunch because I have to leave early for soccer practice. I'm not sure why they have practice at 5 pm, some folks do have to work for living. On soccer days, we get home around 6:30 pm, I immediately cook dinner and get MJ started on homework, while SE is whining and crying because she is hungry and "sirsty." We all eat, I try to do a load of laundry, but I'm not always success in getting it folded and put up, but the clothes are clean nonetheless. The kitchen needs to be cleaned, MJ needs help with homework, SE is destroying the house from one end to the other, they need baths and they need to be in bed at a decent time. I do good to get them in bed by 9 pm every night. By then I'm exhausted and I usually fall asleep on the couch at some point, but I try to be in bed by 10 pm. I know, wah wah wah....I know I'm not the only one who lives like this......I just like to whine!

There are so many things I need and want to do in my house, but can never find the time to do them. I don't know if I need to manage what little time I have better or what. It's all so exhausting! I forget so many things and I don't know what to do to make me remember them. I forgot to turn in MJ's picture money and I feel like a horrible mom because of it. I mean, they do get their picture made twice a year and this picture wasn't that great, by no fault of MJs. I chose get her hair cut the day before and the girl did a crap job and it looked funky. I still feel horrible about not getting the pictures. I still might be able to, I'm going to talk to her about it though.

I'm really trying to be more organized, I've started using coupons like a mad woman and stockpiling our toiletries and cleaning supplies. I've done pretty good so far with that. I'm trying to use my coupons and find the best deals possible out there to save the most amount of money I can save. I've planned all of my meals for the month of October and am currently working November. Things will change some, but not alot.

There's my whine for the day. As I'm sitting here drinking a Mountain Dew and trying to stay away, I'll get back to work for now.


  1. I love that you blog at work! Whew, that is exhausting. I can't imagine doing that with 2... or 3. I used to do it with just 1 and by the time you sit down in the evening your head is just spinning!

  2. WOW....I'm impressed. Just to plan you meals already is a HUGE deal.....I wish I could do that.


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