Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alabama State Fair

Last night, we went to the Alabama State Fair with some friends and their kids. We had the best time! I know people say oh those rides aren't safe, but have you ever heard of tragic accidents happening? I don't! The kids rode almost every ride, the adults rode on quite a few too. As I'm riding a crazy roller coaster called the Crazy Mouse, I kept having flashes of the movie Final Destination 3 (I think) and there is a wicked roller coaster scene and as the car of the roller is spinning the same time it's running on the tracks, I'm thinking I'm on a roller coaster at the fair that is jacked up with cross ties and I'm gonna die right here tonight as I'm laughing hysterically till my stomach hurt!!! I obviously survived and didn't kick the bucket!

There were alot of fun houses for the kids to run through and they really enjoyed that. Then all of the kids and mothers decided to get on the Tilt A Whirl. Apparently, there was a fella on there not real thrilled about the ride. Now I didn't see all of this taking place, thank goodness, but according to Big Daddy and friends and the look on the Carnie's face, apparently this fella started throwing up on the ride. Big Daddy said the more he threw up, the more the Carnie spun that guys' cart around. I didn't know the spinning was controlled by the workers. My friend Shannan and I laughed so hard until our stomachs hurt and I literally feel like I have a hangover today. My guess would be that us adults had more fun than the kids did!

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  1. I use to love roller coasters, but in my old age I get dizzy too easy. The baby roller coaster at Disney was about all I could handle!

    Sounds like y'all had a blast! BTW, blog looks great!


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