Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Decisions Decision

There are several things I could blog about right now, but I have to choose just one.  So I'm going to tell you about our Saturday at my friend Kristi's mom's pool.  It was a hot hot day and the pool felt fantabulous.  It was me and my two girls, Anna and her two girls and Kristi and her boys.  Her little was in the house sleeping and poor Riley was outside with all of the girls.  He's such a sweet boy, he just goes with the flow!  Maggie swims just fine, but Sarah can't swim very well, but she is getting there and she isn't afraid to get out in the deep water with her life vest on.  We kept telling her to go off the diving board that she wouldn't go under water (which she does just fine anyway, but I think it was little scary jumping off the diving board) and finally Kristi just threw her in and from then on she was unstoppable!

We had a very fun and relaxing day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I appreciate Kristi inviting us and hope we can go back soon!  Here are some not-so-good snapshots from our fun day at the pool!

Come back tomorrow to see what I've got planned for dinner the next couple of weeks!!!!  

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  1. I think they are cute snapshots! Looks like everyone had a good time!

  2. Thanks Robyn! They looked bad on Picasa!

  3. I think they are cute also. I like the one with the little boy swimming towards the camera and the girls in the background!! Sounds like y'all had a blast! and...um.....so like, when did Maggie grow up and stuff?! Love ya!


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