Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spice Organization

I hate my kitchen and you will probably see me mention that a few times.  I have two small drawers on each side of my stove, one is 7 inches wide and the other is 8 inches wide.  Really?  I'm also tired of not being able to find my spices in the cabinets so I decided to use the drawers.  Plus they are easier to spoon out and if they are kept in alphabetical order, easy to locate.


Chalkboard vinyl
2" circle cutter
Silver Sharpie
4 oz canning jars

I just punched out the amount of circles I needed then put them on the lids and wrote the name of the spice on there.

So far it has been a great change for me.  No one can find the pot holders anymore since I moved them!  HA!


  1. I have those same kind of drawers in my kitchen. Three of them. They're almost worthless! I mean, I have to fold my pot holders in half. That's just nuts. I really like this spice idea, because not only do I have narrow drawers, I have narrow cabinets too, and so my lazy susan that I use to organize all my spices on no longer fits in a cabinet. My spices are now spread out between two cabinets, and it's a hassle. This is a much better method.Pinned and shared.
    Visiting from It's A Party.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! My silverware drawer won't even hold a tray. My next house will be different! VERY DIFFERENT! LOL!

    i followed your blog, please follow back #MELODY JACOBS
    thank you


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