Monday, April 7, 2014

E Is For Eggs


I'm so late blogging about this, but I was cleaning, rearranging and organizing on Saturday, so I'm going to double up today!  


I used to LOVE some good ole cheesy scrambled eggs. 

I used to LOVE a good hard boiled egg with some salt and pepper, especially on Easter with all of the dyed eggs lying around.  

According to eHealthyTip these are the 7 best benefits of eggs......

1.  Egg have 6 gms of proteins and which is helpful to body and all necessary amino acids.

2.  Egg stops the woman from breast cancer and having egg daily has 40% less chances of breast cancer.

3.  Egg can treat macular degeneration which contains caroteinoids ,zeaxanthine and leutin  are present in excess amount in egg.
4.  Egg also cures the cataract , because  it contains zeaxanthine and leutine.
5.  Egg contains natural vitamin D.

6.  Egg yolk has 3 microgram of choline which is helpful for brain,nervous system and cardiac system.
7.  Having egg everyday puts an end to stroke and heart attack.
Have you had your egg today?

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