Monday, April 11, 2011


Not much has been going on with me lately.  Just working, waiting for school to get out because I'm tired of fighting with the kids every morning about getting up and getting their butts in gear and tired of not wanting to do anyting in the evenings because sitting in rush our traffic is so exhausting and then fighting with the kids to get their homework done and everything else done that they have to get done in the evenings. 

Sarah is playing soccer and Maggie is playing volleyball this year at the YMCA "where everyone is a winner!" LOL!!  Anyway, I've really enjoyed it because their games are on different days as oppossed to when they both played soccer and I had to run between two soccer fields because Mike was working.....that was stressful.  Spring sports should be over in about a month.  Then school will be out and two days after school gets out, we are headed for our Caribbean vacation!  I CANNOT wait! 

I finally have an appointment with a neurologist and then the first of May, I am scheduled for a hearing test and an ENT appointment.  I'm really excited about the neurology appointment because I can finally get some answers about what's going on with my noggin!! 


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