Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In the month of October, I racked up on my swag!!! 

Searching the Web:  524 Swag Bucks

Swag Codes: 236 Swag Bucks

Surveys: 25 Swag Bucks

Special Offers: 26 Swag Bucks

NOSO/Survey Visit/Daily Poll/Toolbar: 116 Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks TV (watching videos): 51 Swag Bucks

Purchased 3 Amazon gift cards totalling $15.00.

Each Amazon Gift Card cost 450 Swagbucks.

You should definitely check it out! You can get lots of cool prizes and how much does it cost you?  NOT A DIME!  It's totally free!

Click on the picture and check it out!

Search & Win

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