Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slippin' and Slidin'

Last Wednesday, I was in the shower getting ready to take Mike to get a spinal block for his back problems and I guess I just needed some attention and I slipped and fell in the shower and fractured my right wrist.  We took the kids next door so our cousin/neighbor could take them to daycare and Mike took me to the ER.  No one was there so they took me straight back, got x-rays and a splint.  We got finished in time to get him to have his block and his cousin got a ride over there so he could drive us home.  We both slept until the kids got home.  I really enjoyed that!  I have felt bad because Mike needed some TLC with his back problems, and I haven't been able to give him the TLC he needs.  I got a purple cast on Thursday and came back to work on Monday.  It's really hard to type.  Thankfully no surgery is in my future.  My kids have been such a big help to me!  I love them so much!!!

Hope everyone is well!

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  1. Oh, girlie... duh, I didn't even think about the typing! I bet that is a challenge. Glad you don't have to have surgery, though. :)


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