Friday, April 16, 2010

Saving for Vacation

I love reading "frugal" blogs.  They are such an inspiration to me!  While scanning blogs one day, I came across Kristin at Couponing for Disney and she has saving for a Disney vacation down to a science.  I was curious as to how she saves and she has some wonderful ideas.  I decided I was going to do the same thing! Starting today, I'm going to start saving for a family cruise. 

Mike and I will be going on our second cruise this December (for my 40th birthday).  The first one was a short Disney cruise and we decided then we loved cruising.  Now, the girls are mad at us because we are going in December without them but we have promised them we are going a week long cruise next summer.

After pricing the Disney cruises ($4800 for a 5 night ocean view stateroom), Royal Caribbean ($5400 for a 7 night large interior stateroom) and Carnival ($3800 for a 7 night balcony stateroom), we think Carnival would be our best choice.  Plus the fact that we will be on the Carnival Dream, which is a new ship!

I will update periodically about how much I've deposited into our Vacation Account.  Now, I'm off to saving!!


  1. That sounds exciting! That will probably keep you more excited leading up to it too!! Good luck!!

  2. I'm officially jealous!!!
    have fun :)


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