Thursday, October 30, 2014

Head Over Teal

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, in case you didn't know.  I know because my sweet mother has been fighting this nasty beast for the last three years.  Her story is here and I think you should read it.  It's the third one on the page.

I feel like ovarian cancer is looked over so much, but it really shouldn't be.  There are no monthly or yearly exams that detect ovarian cancer.  Please read through the Laura Crandall Brown website to see how you can help.

At the end of September every year, there is a Head Over Teal 5K Walk/Run and I was very honored to have been able to walk the 5K, my first one by the way, and I am lucky to have done it in HONOR of my mother.  My Dad, brother and future sister in law and her mom and a bunch of my Mom's co-workers were there also.  Now I'm not saying this just because she's my Mom, she let me tell you, she is one special lady.  

I really like this picture of me and Mom.

These are some pictures from the photobooth after the run.  The quality is horrible because I was taking a picture of a picture.  You know how that goes. 

I'm not real sure what Mom is doing with the green glasses in this picture.  We have laughed and laughed about that.

It was so funny....we were all scrambling between shots to switch props we were all cracking up and screaming like crazy people.

I guess Dad thought he didn't need any props...goof ball.

We really had a great time and it is for a really good cause and I can't wait until September rolls around again so we can do this again!  I wish there was more awareness about ovarian cancer.  BUT please, once again, head on over to Think of Laura and check it out, read and be informed.

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