Friday, January 13, 2012

Letters of Intent - January 13 Edition


Dearest Husband and Kids,

For the love of everything sane, PLEASE quit asking me for this or that, PLEASE quit asking me where stuff is located in the house, PLEASE stop "ordering" me around!  Ya'll are driving me crazy!  It's always, where's this and that, hey can you do me a favor, etc etc etc.  Ya'll don't do anything for me except give me a hard time about everything!  I'm going on strike and I'm doing anything for anyone except myself.  There I said it and have a nice day. Good Bye.


  1. LOL! And I will be printing this and handing it out to my crew.

  2. My SIL went on strike and the kids and hubby were dumb-founded as to why there was no food in the kitchen and not a clean glass to drink from. She also used to have secret trash. She'd pick an item that was laying around and wait to see if someone picked it up and threw it away. If they did they earned $20. No one EVER picked up the secret trash. Hahahaha.

    Thanks for linking up, I love having people join in! Maybe my carnival is not quite dead yet. :)


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