Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

I had a good Valentine's day this year.  Not that I've bad ones in the past.  Mike always gets me the most thoughtful gifts and cards.  This year he got me another charm for my Pandora charm bracelet.  We got the girls some cute little t-shirts from Justice that smell like candy and chocolate.  They loved them.  We took them to eat their favorite meal....Mexican....but they don't really eat Mexican, they share a bowl of cheese dip and each get an order of flour tortillas to dip in the cheese dip.  Who cares, they eat it and they love it.  Then we treated them to Dairy Queen.  YUMMY!!!!  Anyway, here are a few snapshots from the night.

Sarah always has to be the goofy girl - I was like that when I was a kid too.

She trying to be a sexy 5 year old - whatever that is.

Sarah's Yummy.....

Maggie's Yummy....

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