Friday, December 3, 2010

Feeling Out Of Sorts!

I almost had a panic attack this morning on my way to work. I'm not one to be prone to having them, but I've had a couple in the past so I know what it feels like.  Mike and I are going on a cruise next week and our kids are not going with us.  This isn't the first time we have gone anywhere without them, but it has been two years. 

We are going on a cruise to Cozumel.  I think it might be his birthday, my 40th birthday (which I did survive by the way, but now I feel like I have to act like a grown-up) and our anniversary, which has all happened in the last two months. 

My parents are coming to stay with the girls since they have school, etc. and they live an hour away.  I have to try to make things as organized as I can for my mother because she, for obvious reasons, is not used to having to get two very, at times, stubborn little girls ready for school.  I need to make sure they have everything they need! 

I still need to do some shopping for the trip, I have a Christmas party tonight, Maggie has a birthday party to go to tomorrow, tomorrow also marks the 1 year annivesary that Philip M. Davis was killed in the line of duty on a "routine" traffic stop around midnight tonight.  the picture in that post is an actual picture from his graveside service.  There were officers from all over the country there that cold, rainy day. It's bringing back sad memories, I mean, we, the police department, are all family.  He left behind a precious wife, Paula, and two precious babies, Sarah will be turning 3 this month and John will be turning 2 in February.

I haven't even started packing for our tripo, even though we aren't leaving until Wednesday night, I also have my every day stuff to do.  I know it will get done. I just need to have a glass of wine and get busy! 



  1. I'd be freaking out about leaving the kids too. I did the same thing for my parents when they used to watch the boys... organize EVERYTHING and try to make it as easy on them as possible.

    I hope you guys have a fabulous time next week! I mean, how can you NOT, right??? ;)

  2. A cruise to Cozumel sounds wonderful! Interestingly enough, my parents are going on a cruise to Cozumel OVER Christmas.

    I hope you enjoy your trip!


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