Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a really fun Halloween and it didn't involve walking around our hilly neighborhood.  For some reason, we don't have a very good neighborhood for trick or treating so Big Daddy and I have resorted to taking the girls to other places.  This year, we were supposed to go to our church's fall festival, but they cancelled becuase the weather was so nasty in the earlier part of the day.  Cold and rainy.  So we decided to go to another local church and they had a HUGE fall festival.  We met another couple there whose boys are each a year older than my girls and they get along so good!!  We always have fun with them.  Here are a couple of snapshots from Halloween....

SE as Bat Girl

MJ is a Vampire

I'm a blooming idiot

Big Daddy is a nasty old man

I hope everyone had a safe and fun on to Thanksgiving (and my 39th birthday!!! EEEKKK)

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