Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Really? Seriously? What the.........?

The walls of sickness are closing in on me! 

My boss is at work with a nasty nasty cold, thankfully, he is staying in his office, but STILL!  I don't want his nasty cold germs and he would be sending me home if I were sick like that.

Then to top that off.....A lady I work with who works on the first floor (I'm on the second floor) didn't feel well when she got up this morning but came on to work, that's not a problem.  We have all done that.  Well, she was upstair in our TV room eating her lunch and I just happen to be walking down the hall, stopped in someone's office to chat, she comes out of our bathroom up here and said she needs help, she has poo poo'd and thrown up all over the bathroom and all over the toilet!  I'm the luckily one who got to fetch paper towels and garbage bags for the clean up, while another co-worked helped her get cleaned up and she mopped the floor and clean the toilet area.  In the meantime, the sick co-worker needed help getting down the stairs so she could slip out the back door and go home. She had poo all over her skirt.  As she was leaving, she HUGGED ME to thank me for helping her.  I got back upstairs and helped the other girl finish cleaning up. 

While all of this was going on, folks were coming upstairs to the kitchen for lunch and everyone was like was is that smell?  I mean, the stinch was HORRIBLE and no amount of spray helped, it probably just worsened it. 

I went in the kitchen to get something to drink and the fear of getting sick set in and I totally had a panic attack!! 

The next thing I know, SHE IS BACK AT WORK!!!! What the hell?  Really?  AND she has been in my office because she left a nice thank you gift for me, meaning she went shopping after she went home and showered and changed!!!  I'm freaking dying!!!!! 

I want to crawl in to a bubble right now!!!!  I almost hope I get sick so the sickos that come to work will know NOT TO COME TO WORK WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!!!   It's not fair to expose everyone to your germs and plus I have kids at home to think about! 

I want to just run the streets screaming!!!!!! 

I'm not feeling so well..........


  1. Lisa this is craziness!!! GAH! I can't even... there are just no words. LOL! Seriously, YOU deserve an award or something. I might have helped the co-worker escape out the back with her dignity, but CLEAN UP??? Oh hell.

    Hope you don't get sick. ;)

  2. Oh my! What the heck is wrong with people??? I tell people at work to stay the hell away from me if they are sick...including the boss. After 8 years I think I finally have them trained to come no where near me if they are ill. (((shudder)))

    Sick people should STAY HOME.

    Hope you stayed well and didn't catch any of the icky germs.


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