Thursday, February 10, 2011

FINALLY Some Snow in Central Alabama!

Where I live in Alabama, we don't get alot of winter weather action.  We have had a pretty busy winter this year, at least everyone around us has.  We did have to leave early one day because we had a couple of hours of freezing rain and traffic was a nightmare.  It took one girl in my office 6 hours to make a normally 2.5 hour drive!  Glad that wasn't me!!!  So since last week they have been talking about us getting some snow and I just blew it off.  The county neighboring us to the north gets it, but never where I live.  Here, 5-10 miles can make a huge difference.  Arkansas got pounded with a foot and a half yesterday and we were getting that same storm last night.....I was hopeful, but not going to be disappointed if we didn't get any.  Around 7 it started snowing big fat snowflakes and it was so pretty!  It snowed off and on through the night and this is what we woke up too. 

It's not a huge snow event, but it's huge for us.  it was so pretty!  Everything was white, the sky was gray and there was just a little color here and there.  The sun is supposed to make its appearance sometime today and most of it will probably be gone.  Alot of area schools were delayed a couple of hours and one idiot school system was actually closed.  Really?  Glad you thought that was a good decision to make!  Any loo who, there you have, the big snow of my town this year.  It will be in the 60s and sunny this weekend....thank you very much and good night! 

Gotta love this Alabama weather!

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  1. You guys got snow down THAT far?

    It really is the end of the world.


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