Thursday, June 17, 2010


What is today?  Why it's Thursday.....know what that means?  It's Free Therapy Day courtesy of Kmama!! 

Dear Big'un (yeah that would be me), THANK YOU VERY MUCH for allowing yourself to be a chunky
butt...I'm tired of being sleepy all the time and just feeling blah.  You won't win by the way, just sayin'! 

To my 4 year old offspring, is it really necessary to fuss and whine about everything and nothing at all EVERY MORNING?  You are slowly sending me over the edge....THANK YOU VERY MUCH !

I think that is all I have to fuss about for now....


  1. Lil' Bub is the king of whining about something AND nothing at all. GAAAAAAAH! Drives me crazy!!!! I think it's why hubby has a script for Xanax. HAHA!

  2. Mike's like awww, don't be mean to the baby, I'm like dude, you deal with this crap every single morning and let me know how you feel after about a week!

  3. the whining IS SO ANNOYING isn't it!!

  4. Ewwww ... whining! So glad we are past that stage ... except when I catch myself doing it! :(

  5. Both my kids whine and fuss about nothing every single morning. It starts me off on the wrong foot every single day. Grr.

    I hear you on the chub. It needs to COME OFF NOW. Good luck to you. I know I need all the luck in the world.

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. I have a 10 year old that does that. Sorry...doesn't get any better. LOL
    Thanks for the follow. I am following your blog too. Cause I'm cool like that. I am kidding. I am following along because I love making new blog friends. Hope you stick around my blog too.

  7. OOOHHH! I have an offspring that whines and cries if you breath on him wrong! I usually have to cry right back at him! LOL


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