Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

It's been raining storming here since lunch today.  I love summer time thunderstoms...they rock!!  My office is so quiet you seriously could hear a pin drop....either everyone is working hard, which obviously I am not, or they are asleep!  With the stormy weather, it's probably the latter of the two!  My throat is still sore from being sick two weekends ago!  I hate that.  Mike is home with an upper respiratory infection today.  Sure hope he gets to feeling better!  One more hour and I'm outta here.  Blogger is real quiet today.  Wonder what's going on?  Anytime I see a video on the oil spill, and the oil that has started washing up on the Alabama Gulf Coast, it makes me cry. 
We have the most beautiful beaches, even more pretty than the beaches on Grand Cayman and it's all being ruined!  It really makes me sick. 

I don't know who out there watches M*A*S*H, but Mike and I do, although I would prefer to watch something else, it can be quite funny.  I'm tired of eveyrone making out with Hawkeye except me!  Why can't I make out with him?  Oh, wait, probably because he is the same age as my grandfather!
My brother Tony is coming in town this weekend  with his daughters Ashleigh and Autumn and I'm so excited! I haven't seen him in about a year.  Despite all of his stinkiness I love him.  We have always been close.  He is a Marine, so he thinks he's Billy Badness!  Not really, but people in the military have this way about them, they are a little cocky, but that's okay, I appreciate everything they do and they can be a little cocky if they want to. 


  1. Yeah, it's sick. I'm just not watching the news...

    Hope you have a great visit with your brother! :)


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