Monday, June 14, 2010

Lucy Part 2

Lucy and I had quite some year in 1997, but that's all I'm going to say about that.....This picture gives a little indication of how much fun we had....ALL THE TIME!!! 
We used to like to get together and watch music awards shows and one time in particular Marilyn Manson was on there and we both started crying we were so freaked out him.  Dancing was the most fun we had....we danced all the time!  We both were in really good shape back then.....very hot!  Halloween was one of our favorite times too.  I was Pippy Longstocking and she was a funky fun witch.  I remember dressing as a devil the next year and I think that was the last year I dressed up for Halloween.
I remember one night in particular. We had been out with friends from work in the middle of the week and there was a place downtown that had midnight sushi and we thought, in our drunken state, that it would be a good idea to eat sushi and drink saki!  Well, we didn't stay too long because we did have to be at work the next day.  We were driving her brother gigantor Ford Bronco that had an aooga horn.  Not a good idea for two crazy girls who were intoxicated.  We rode around blowing that horn for some time.  We finally made it to the sushi place and had our eat drink and fun.  That night, Lucy had on some cute little blue flats and we walked out of the door of the sushi bar, turned right and Lucy hit the pavement.  I still laugh my butt off thinking about that.  I'm laughing right now....She wasn't hurt, but she walked out the door and turn and she was gone!  From then on out, those were her fall down shoes and I bet she might still have them!  We made it to work the next day on time and giggled all day I'm sure. 

Friends like Lucy don't come around very often.  I know that no matter what path our lives take us, I can always count on her to be there and she knows she can always count on me.  Good friends like that are hard to find.


  1. Great pics! Y'all crack me up.

    Hey, blog looks great BTW! Did you do it? Love it!

  2. I did do it! Blogger has a new "design" tab instead of "layout" or whatever it had before and it's alot easier to work with1

  3. Sounds like an awesome friend! I'm glad she has been such a wonderful addition to your life!

  4. Wonderful times with a great friend :)


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