Saturday, April 21, 2012

RIP Bratz

Last weekend, Maggie went with a friend to the school's spring fling.  Sarah was sick and I really didn't want to go, so of course I got from Sarah "Maggie gets to do everything".  Well, she's 10 and you are 6, so yeah.  Maggie, being the sweet girl she is, told Sarah she would try to win Sarah a goldfish.  Well, she did and we got Sarah a tank, a plastic plant and some pretty rocks for her gold fish and everything seemed okay.  That was on Friday.  By Saturday afternoon, Bratz the fish was a goner.  Sarah took it well and we prepared Bratz for a proper burial and I'm not talking the flushing kind of burial. Later that night, Pepper, our dog, dug it up and ate the fish.  

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  1. Oh my hell. I can't see the pics on my iPad... I'm thinking that's a good thing. Bwahahahaha!!


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