Monday, April 30, 2012

CRAY-Z Weekend!!!!!

I. AM. BEAT.  It all started Thursday.......Mike had some unexpected work, so I had to get a babysitter to get the kids off the bus.  Becca took them back to her house for the afternoon until I could get them.  I left work at 4:00 and rushed home to get Maggie's volleyball uniform, then rush to Becca's house, then rush to the other side of town for the game at 6:15.  Of course our girls won because they totally rock the court!!!  Go Strikers! We finally got home around 7:30, then it was time for dinner, baths and bed and time for mom to collapse and hang out with the most handsome man ever!

Friday, Becca had to pick up the girls again because Mike was working on a burglary case and had some charity work he was supposed to do for Cops on Top, where they get on top of a Wal-Mart, dance, harass patrons and get donations, all of which to go Special Olympics.  The police department does alot of fundraising for Special Olympics.  Cops really are great people and as long as you obey they law, they won't bother you!  Just sayin'!  My plan for Friday night since he was working was taking dinner to a friend and her family.  Shanon just had a baby two weeks ago, a pleasant surprise, but baby Mac joins this sweet family which consists of Wade, who is 13 and Zach and Garrett, twins who are 11, plus let's add in the fact that Steve, the husband/dad, blew out his knee while at work about a week before the baby was born. They have their hands full right now, so I was taking them dinner.  In the meantime, a friend calls and wants me to have dinner with her and another friend, so of course I say yes, but no babysitter until she tells me that her babysitter will keep all of them and we can split the cost!! YAHOO!!! Count me in!  So.....I get dinner for my friends, stop and get dinner for the kids, drop them off at Kristi's, take dinner to the friends, go back to Kristi's and then we head out.

Oh and let me mention that it took me ONE AND ONE HALF HOURS to get home from work!  I mean really?  It's like I never have plans with friends and the ONE time I do, traffic is horrible, I get behind folks who won't go the speed limit and get caught by every red light and train in the county!  What's up with that? Needless to say, I needed a little girl time and it was great hanging with my friends.

Saturday, me and the girls got up and headed to the other side of town (an hour away) to shop and get some groceries to cook some side dishes for my Dad's birthday.  He turned 61.....still young!  We had a great afternoon with family eating BBQ and enjoying the weather. It couldn't have been a more perfect day. We left my parents house an hour later than I wanted to, AND I had stop at Wal-Mart on the way home so we didn't get home until nearly 10!  EXHAUSTED AGAIN and then I had to clean our bathroom because it had been like 3 weeks since we last cleaned it.  Yeah, I know that sounds gross, but the bathroom wasn't gross, but we do live in our house, we are busy and we have two kids, sometimes things are forgotten.

Sunday, we got up and went to church and it was a special day because we walked down front with Maggie and she made her profession of faith and is getting baptized on May 6!  I am so excited for my sweet girl!  This is the most important decision she will ever make.  I'm excited about what God has done in her life. I treated the girls to lunch at McAlister's, which by the way kids eat free on Saturdays and Sundays, so it was really a treat to my bank account!  Then we went home, Maggie watched TV in the den, I crashed on the couch and Sarah went next door to play with the Silloway twins.  Mike was napping because once again he had to go to work, but I love my man for working so hard to provide for our family.  He is my hero!

Hope your weekend was as fun-filled at mine!

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  1. Girl, you all were busy. We had a pretty hectic weekend as well, but lots if fun. Hope y'all have a fun week too!!

  2. OK, I need to come and visit and you, me, and Tina need to go to lunch! That would be fun! This does sound like one of Tina's weekends. LOL. My ideal weekend is laying around in pj's and watching movies! I think y'all would kill me with your "goin' and doin'". haha! ;)


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