Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday Fun

Friday night was a fun night with the family.  We really didn't do anything, but it was nice just hanging out at the house.  This is what our night consisted of....

I FINALLY made mother's day gifts for 2 of our mothers, my mom and Mike's step-mom.  I was out of town on Mother's Day and we were getting together for Maggie's birthday.  I had some 8x10 canvases, covered them with scrapbook paper, attached their picture with photo corners and attached ribbon so they can hang it up.  

Made some cupcakes.  I've, just recently, discovered that I like foil cupcake liners more than anything!  I don't have to spray them or anything.  Paper ones are awful!  That's just my opinion!

A while back, I had a Duncan Hines Frosting Party that I was chosen to host through House Party.  I had some icing and a packet of cotton candy flavoring so our cupcakes had cotton candy icing.

You just pour the powder in the icing and stir it up.  There are so many flavors to choose from.

BUT before the cupcakes came the port ribs!  Oh my, Mike is definitely the grill master around our house and they were so yummy!  

Then came the margarita....I didn't drink this one.  This was one Mike started finished off.  He recently acquired a Margaritaville brand blender and loves it!  

The kids went to bed around 11 and we went to bed around 1.  It was a fun Friday night with my crazy family.

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