Friday, October 1, 2010

Bit O'Randomness

Today is a lovely day, don't you think?  It's Friday and here in Alabama, there isn't a cloud in the sky and it's 67 degrees right now, but most importantly, NO HUMIDITY!  This is my favorite time of year although the leaves don't turn bright yellow, orange or deep red soon enough for me.  It's October 1 and I want it to be full blown Fall!  Hey, I'll take what I can get after the blazing hot summer that just ended!  This is our 7 day forecast!!  I Love It!!!
On to other stuff, Sarah is in kindergarten and she absolutely loves it.  She tries to make up homework to do.  That won't last long.  So we are going over letters of the alphabet and the sound each letter makes.  I asked her what was the sound that "A" makes and she said "a a apple" and then I said "what sound does B make?" and she said "'buh' Beer!"  I just about lost it.  Call me a bad parent if you want, but stuff like that doesn't embarrass me as long as she isn't talking about me personally, so I was not worried about her going to school and saying that.

I had a dream the other night about Bill Murray (the actor).  Not sure where it came from because I haven't seen him on anything recently.  I have to be careful what I watch on TV because I will most certainly dream about it, like when I saw Dr. Oz talking about the outbreak of bed bugs, oh yeah, only in my dreams (now I'm singing Debbie Gibson)!  I'll tell you about another dream I had in another post (lots of stuff leading up to the dream).  So back to Bill, I'm getting on an elevator after getting Chinese for Mike and I for dinner, and there is Bill Murray standing there with jeans, button up shirt and sports jacket on and I was like Hey you are Bill Murray and he said yes what is your favorite movie of mine and I said hands down, Ground Hog Day.  He said well, I don't think that is the funniest.  I said well my husband is a big fan of yours, do you want to come to the house and meet him?  He said sure, so we got in separate cars and he followed me to my house, which wasn't my house at all and we went in and I gave Mike his dinner and we hung out with Bill the rest of the night. 


  1. Brrrrrr! 40's are too cold for me!!! I think our lowest for the next week is 59 and that will make me want to get out the electric blanket!

    LOL! Bill Murray? Were you maybe drinking some beer before you went to bed??!

  2. Yay for some good weather in central Ala - at last. Watch out for a very chilly winter.


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