Thursday, September 30, 2010


I got this from Sonya at Belly Charms and thought I would play along to get my blog up and running again.

1.Would you ever go sky diving? No, I thought about it once and really wanted to but as I got older, I decided that probably wouldn't be in my best interest! 

2.What is your favorite clothing store? Cato, they have really cutes clothes and they are cheap!  BUT even as cheap as they are, they hold up in the washer and dryer!

3.What was your worst date ever? how many can I list? His name was Jeff, seemed like a nice guy, had a good job, saw him from a distance, seemed to be nice looking, he got my number from my mother and we set up a date.  I'll try to make this short...he showed up looking like Kris Kringle!  Rosey cheeks and a button nose.  UGH!  I could never look at  him through dinner. We went to the comedy club and I had the tickets in my coat pocket and I was kidding around and was like Oh I can't find the tickets.  I thought he was going to flip his freaking lid!  Then we had a table close to the stage and it was tight quarters, he was sitting across from me and a 500 pound fella was sitting next to him, I had more fun cutting up with the big fella than my date!  The waiter dropped a couple of drinks and I thought he was going to fall out in the floor laughing at this poor guy.  Afterward he wanted to out dancing and I said no for fear of my friends seeing me with him and I didn't want to be mean to the guy so I told him I had to work the next day and needed to go home.  He walked me in my apartment and I started stretching acting like I was tired... GO HOME! hint hint and then he grabbed my shirt with two hands like you grab someone's shirt that you are about to beat the hell out of and layed one of the nastiest sloppiest kisses on me in recorded history.  He called the next day and wanted to go out again and politely told him Hell no, don't ever call me again! 
4.What is the most annoying kid show on TV? I don't know, Spongebob can be pretty annoying

5.What is your favorite movie? recently, I've seen Twilight and Inglorious Basterds and loved them both

6.Who is the all time hunkiest actor? Hugh Jackman - have you seen pictures of him without a shirt?  WOW!
7.If you could be on any TV show, which one would it be? Deal or No Deal

8.What is your favorite blog? I love them all!

If you want to play, tag yourself and let me know then answer the same questions I got from Sonya.


  1. Thanks for playing TAG with me. I thought this was a fun one to do today.

  2. Funny story about your worst date ever. :)


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