Monday, June 2, 2014

Sarah's Bedroom Makeover

When we moved in our house (the third one) in the summer of 2006, Sarah wasn't quite a year old and she had the cutest room.  She was still in her baby bed then shortly thereafter, was transitioned to a toddler bed. We had to paint not long after we moved in because that room was also a small den and a textured border paper.  We removed the border paper and put up a chair rail because it left a mark on the wall.  I think the chair rail looks pretty good in there.  Once Sarah moved to a twin bed, we were able to find cute bedding from Target that matched her wall color.  Mike's least favorite thing is painting, but for some reason, he loves to do it.  Kinda crazy, huh?

Unfortunately for Sarah her room is very tiny, not a lot of space to work with in there as far as placement of furniture.  This is what it looked like before the makeover.

Her closet is tiny and poor girl, just has no room for her stuff and toys.  I'm slowing work on that though. Like her "Future Diva" poster?  We made this poster and one for Maggie when we took the girls to see WWE live.  Yes, we are that family (not sure what family that is, but we are it).  We had a great time, but back to the bedroom.

We had been looking and looking for new bedding for Sarah, she is quite picky so we finally found a good chevron pattern from Target and she finally agreed and wanted a decorative pillow and lamp to match.  AND the cool thing about Target's website is that it showed good paint colors to use with the bedding, so I sent Mike off to get the paint and I got the bedding.

One day Mike started painting and got it all done and he did a great job and he even rearranged a little so she would have more playing room.  She has really loved her new bedroom.

She loves that it's so "girly" and she actually sleeps in her room every night which has been a huge struggle in the past.  I love her room too.  I'm currently working on some wall decor for her, but seeing as how I work full time and have a 2+ hour commute every day and a family to take care of, I'm slow in getting it done. Stay tuned for more on Sarah's room and I will be updating Maggie's room too.  

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