Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Enchiladas and Ice Cream Cake

I've just about quit going to Goggle to find recipes.  I just always head on over to Pinterest to find whatever it is that I need rather it be for an office party or a gathering of friends or family.  I thoroughly enjoy making fun, new dishes for everyone to try and as long as they are happy, I'm happy! 

We recently had a tailgate party at the office where we bring our favorite tailgate food and wear our favorite team colors (Roll Tide) and we pretty much graze all day.  It's fantastic. 

I have been wanting to make this ice cream sandwich cake I've seen on Pinterest and this was the perfect time!  I actually bought the stuff and made it when I got to the office so it wouldn't melt on the way.  It was a huge hit and everyone loved it and was even still asking about it on Monday!  Thank you, thank you very much! 
On Sunday, my friend Kristi came over and I've been wanting to make some of those white chicken enchiladas that I've made before that have great reviews from Pinterest lovers!  Of course it was delicious, but I did burn part of the bread....ooppss!!!! 
Got the computer out so I can read the directions, something I'm not really good at.  I mean, I can read, reading isn't the problem.  It's the following directions part I haven't quite mastered.  I start mixing ingredients then I've messed up.   
I bought a rotisserie chicken so the chicken I was using had a great flavor AND Publix had them on sale! 

It really kind of grosses me out to pull all of that chicken off the bone, but somebody's gotta do it!  Then I got to mix monterey jack cheese in the chicken and I could have just eaten it by itself!   
Then I rolled them up in flour tortillas and made the white sauce for it.

This is what it looked like when I got it out of the oven.  It was a little more liquidy than I liked, but once it set for a bit, it firmed up some, but it was still DELICIOUS and Maggie had two helpings which is huge!  She used to be so picky.  Sarah on the other hand had chicken noodle soup for dinner.  Sometimes I just can't fight and argue.  Ya know?  My mom always tells me to pick my battles.

So those are my latest favorite finds on Pinterest.  What are some of your favorite recipes you found on Pinterest that you could make over and over again and never ever ever get tired of?  

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  1. Hey Lisa, follwed you over from my blog... now gonna try this recipe and hope for better luck than my two pinterest recipes. I bet we could double this one and freeze a batch!!


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