Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life Can Get You Sometimes

As you may or may not know, my mother had gastric bypass surgery April 2011.  During that surgery, her doctor found a spot on her small intestines and tested it to see what it was.  It came back as ovarian cancer. She had surgery, had treatment, then had to have her gall bladder taken out, then continued treatment until December.  She had a good report at the end of December, her hair started growing back and she was looking great and feeling great.  In April she had a clean report and sometime in July, she started feeling bad, having stomach pains, etc.  She goes in for a CT and it had come back with a vengeance.  She had surgery on August 6th and it was the size of a small cantaloupe.

Well, while Mom was in the hospital recovering from surgery, Dad was admitted because apparently he had had a heart attack on the Saturday before!  Really?  I asked them if they were trying to kill me!  My youngest brother was out of town working and the other one lives out of state, so I was on my own. Luckily they were at the same hospital.  The day mom went home from the hospital, I went and got her, took her home, packed dad a suitcase and took it back to the hospital for him.  I felt like a crazy person that day but I will do anything for my parents. Dad had a new stint put in and he's doing great.  Mom has had her first treatment and is doing well. Her doctor is putting her on different meds this time so she won't lose her hair.   Hopefully she is on the mend and can stay cancer free for longer than 6 months.  Praying hard for this.

They are leaving to go on a week cruise with my aunt and uncle and some other friends next week and I'm so excited for them.  This is the first time they have taken a trip like this together.  I think Dad went to the Bahamas years ago for work and Mom spent two weeks in Japan when my brother was stationed there and his wife was sent to Iraq and he had to come to the states for work and no one to keep their kids.  I'm so excited for them!

School started and it's been crazy! Maggie is playing volleyball and Sarah is taking jazz and hip hop.  Three days a week, we are busy busy busy.  I had to finally make a morning schedule for the girls because our mornings were starting to be running-out-the-bus-as-they-pull-up kind of mornings and I can't live that way.  I will show you their schedule in another blog post.  We are having a hard time with Sarah in school right now.   She is on ADHD meds but just can't seem to stay focused.  She can't do the work at school, but does it fine at home.  I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact their walls are covered with brightly colored school stuff.  I mean, have you seen an elementary school classroom lately?  It's not their fault, but I'm sure it's not helping the matter either.  I'm trying to keep her on a tight schedule, both in the morning and evening.  I don't want her to feel like there is no control around the house, no structure.  I am  We are very fly by the seat of our pants and this madness has to stop.  Volleyball will be over at the first of November so then we will be down to only 1 night a week where something is going on.

I'm gonna start cooking more in the crock pot, hopefully so I can use the time I would have spent cooking helping Sarah and Maggie with homework, etc.  I implemented the morning schedule this week and so far so good!

I will post my morning schedule before the weekend.

I feel like I'm finally settling into some kind of routine and I can get back to blogging!  Hope to see ya'll around!


  1. So sorry about your parents! Hope they are better!

  2. Cancer just sucks. I'm making my second chemo quilt in less than a month... this time for Scott's mom's sister. It SUCKS. I will keep your mom in my prayers! And your dad too, of course.


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