Sunday, July 29, 2012

She Is Wonderfully Made

My Maggie.....she is such a peaceful child.   She has blond hair with so many natural highlights and low lights that people pay good money for on a regular basis.  She has beautiful blue yes that have a certain sparkle to them.  She has the most perfect eyebrows I've ever seen.  She has perfect teeth and won't ever need braces.  She is really growing up. It's like one day, she is my little brown haired baby and the next, she is a beautiful young lady who loves God with all of her heart.

 She is going into the sixth grade this year and this is a year for big changes.  She has recently gotten her ears pierced and is in the process of transitioning from glasses to contacts.

She thought getting her ears pierced was going to be just horrible, as you can see from the look on her face, but afterwards, she decided that it wasn't so bad.  She has done fantastic with her contacts.  She is excited that she can finally wear cute and fun sunglasses!  

She is my big girl and I'm proud to be her Momma.

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