Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TST - The Spot

My brother is 4 years younger than me and he has always has a messed up stomach.  When we were little and would go on family vacation, my mother would pump him full of Pepto because he would gas us out EVERY TIME and my dad would cuss and we would have to ride with the windows down.  He was always farting at the dinner table as a kid, every night.....he would get in so much trouble.  He used to sit on my face and fart, he used to blow it up after school with the bathroom door open and I couldn't get to my bedroom without passing him....he used to get in trouble at high school for farting in class and smoking everyone out....I can't tell you how many times his wife has slept on the couch because of his nasty butt.  I could go on and on, but I'll get on with the story.

Some things never change. When I was pregnant with Maggie 9 years ago, Mike and I went to see him at Camp LeJeune, NC where was he was stationed as a Marine.  His wife and daughter were out of town at the time.  We went out to dinner and he said...and I quote...."I'm going to eat a whole plate of refried beans just so I can fart and gross you out."  I remember that well, because not only did he smoke us out that night, but even the next day and he purposely blew up the bathroom right before I showered just to make me sick...I was so pissed off I was crying....he is just a nasty butt.....

So back up about 4 years, he had been a Marine for a year or so, single and living it up.  We shared my great grandmother's house when he was in town.  He decided that on Labor Day weekend, he was going to go on a beer diet.  And that he did.  He went to the store at 9:00 a.m. to get beer and literally drank all weekend. Well come Labor Day, my mother had us over for BBQ and then we were all going to the Botanical Gardens to have family pictures made.  After we got through eating, we were looking at pictures and talking and he thought he was going to be cute and he farted at the table AGAIN, except this time, he got a surprise!! He said Oooppsss, stood up and asked us if he had a brown spot on this pants and low and behold, he SHARTED!!!!  We laughed and laughed and laughed until we could not breathe, I fell out in the floor like a crazy person, my mom and dad were crying they were laughing so hard.  He had to take a shower and my mom had to spot clean his pants so we could get our family pictures made.  Well, it was pictures with my dad's brothers, their wives and kids, etc.  When they all heard the story about what had just happened, they were all laughing just as hard. 

They still love to tell that story during the holidays!!!  I love my family! 

Thanks Kmama for the TST story about brothers! 

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  1. bbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    THAT was funny!! :)

  2. family stories are the best!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh good lord, Lisa!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Your brother is gonna thank you for that one! :D

  4. that was just hilarious...We used to work with a guy that could fart on command, and his nick name was eggie.... for obvious reasons...

  5. MEN! Or should I say BOYS?!?!

    My boyfriend and his best friend used to have farting contests... and they always ended with someone's eyes watering. UGH!

    I have to laugh though - because your last True Story Tuesday proves that your youngest gets it from her uncle, right? :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. LOL! I'm glad I served as inspiration. My oldest brother has a nasty stomach too!!


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