Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Morning Routine {Printable}

I hate mornings at my house.  It's very very stressful.  Maggie won't get out of bed, I have to tell her 5 or 6 times and Sarah....oh Sarah.......She does great until it's time to get dressed then it all goes south. She is very particular about her clothes, socks and shoes.  Everything has to feel just right or she's not wearing it.  It's a horrible battle every morning and one or both of us end up crying.  It's really awful. This morning she missed the bus because she fiddle farts around and fusses and whatnot, so I told her from now on, she will be ready to leave at 6:30. Her bus comes between 6:40 and 6:45.  It's really exhausting.  SO, I have posted about this before, but I made us a new printable for our morning routine.  I shouldn't have to pay my child to do what she is supposed to do, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Judge me if you want, I don't care.  I need some sanity in my life.

Click HERE to download

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  1. Mornings are so hard with kids if you are trying to get out the door!

    I hope your new schedule and reward idea works!


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