Friday, January 31, 2014

Barbeque In The New Crock Pot

A few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway for a CrockPot iStir on Plain Chicken and if you have ever entered to win a giveaway on a blog, you know there can be thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of entries.  This particular giveaway, I had 5 entries.  I got the most wonderful email a couple of Sunday's ago stating that I was one of two winners!  WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!  I was so excited to win such a cool gift.  Doesn't sound very cool, but this is the daddy of all crock pots!  It will cook for two hours and then stir every thirty minutes!  You can set the timer then when it's done, it will switch to warm.  You can use the stirrers or not.

Then I came across this little gem at the Dollar Tree of all places.  It's a fairly new item on the market so I thought what the heck, I'll try it and BBQ sandwiches was on my menu plan for the week.

I threw a roast in the crock pot and poured the hickory season on it and let it cook for 10 hours on low. Then I took out the meat and pulled it apart, poured out the liquid from the crock pot and put the meat back in there, poured the BBQ sauce on it from the pack and added a little juice from what I had poured out and let it cook on low for 30 minutes.  I toasted some hoagie rolls in the oven and cooked some fries.

I originally gave Sarah half of my sandwich, some meat on the side and some fries, but she loved it and ate my other half (I took 3 bites) and another side portion of it. Needless to say, it was a hit and I'm sure I will make it again soon.


  1. I'm lovin' the mismatched french fries. That is what happens over here too :) Sometimes I even through in the tater tots!

    1. Yeah, sometimes you just have to start emptying bags to get them out of the freezer! I love crinkle fries, those are my favorite, but I had a coupon for the Ore-Ida Simply fries!


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