Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Goals

I’m going to lose weight after this surgery, that’s a given, but I also want to work on it, i.e., exercising.  I promised Mike I would start exercising with him, building myself up because I won’t have a lot of energy to begin with, but he had to promise me he would buy me a really good pair of running shoes.  I’m not going to start running right away, but I surely want to work up to it because it’s something I would like to do.

First and foremost, I want to be healthy.  I’m teetering on the edge right now of going over to the dark side and I’m not ready to go to the dark side because my mind is young, but my body and health, not so much.  I want to be at the bottom of the hill where all of the other healthy people are hanging out, not at the top of hill, falling over the edge and having 3 or 4 different pills to take every day, having to go to this doctor and that doctor because of my health problems.

Since Maggie is old enough to start exercising at the YMCA (minimum age is 12), she is going to start walking the treadmill with me.  I want her to start some healthy habits now while she is young so she can keep those going and not end up like me.  I want my girls to stay healthy and I’m going make sure of that by setting a good example.  It’s not too late.  I am in no way whatsoever saying she is overweight, or anything like that, I just think the family as a whole needs to be healthy and have healthy habits.

This is what I’m shooting for as of right now.....

30 pounds = a really good pair of running shoes with fun colors
Google Image

50 pounds = an ovarian cancer tattoo to honor my sweet mother and her fight with ovarian cancer.  This is the tat I want to get (without the wording), on my back in the center right above my shoulder blades.  
Google Image

70 pounds = a pink or turquoise beach cruiser bike so I can take the kids to the park and we can ride bikes.

Google Image

Football season = being able to go into Team Fever and buy me a normal size Bama shirt to wear when I’m cheering on my Tide, instead of a man’s t-shirt.  I hate regular t-shirts.


One year out from surgery = a pair of boots.  Not just any pair of boots but some really sweet “cowboy” boots.  I’ve been wanting some for a long time, but have never felt confident enough to wear them.  That’s just me, but soon to be the old me.

These are some of the goals I can think of initially.   I’m so excited about going to my pre-op appointment this week and finding out more about what to expect.  I have peace about my decision to have this surgery.  This is my last chance to get this weight off and be healthy for myself and my family!  


  1. Love it!!! Will invite you to my weight loss/getting healthy encouragement page!
    Lisa Rose

  2. Love those shoes!!! I feel ya about the running! I am doing the glow run in Hoover July 26th and then the color run in Sept. so excited!!!


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