Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Glitter Frame Matting

I had some picture frames for Maggie's room and I just thought they were plain and I really didn't want to put an actual picture in them so, of course, I headed over to Pinterest to see what I could find.  I wanted to find something that was user and budget friend.  FINALLY!  I found it on Our Thrifty Ideas and I just knew I could do it!

So, I started off with the matting of the frame, spray adhesive, glossy clear spray paint and glitter.  I didn't want to buy Sugar Coating because I'm too cheap BUT I did find some glitter that would work just fine and the perfect color too!
I stripped the matting, sprayed the adhesive in sections, covered with glitter and kind of mashed on it to make it stick, made a huge mess on the back porch, then sprayed the clear coast adhesive once it dried for a few minutes. 

I didn't want to use a picture in the middle.  Maggie's bedding is black and white, so I found a Damask print online that I liked, printed it and stuck it in the middle and there you have it!  I think they turned out really good and they look great in her room!  

Hope you all have a blessed day! 

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