Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am done for the summer with Facebook.  It's a waste of time.  I have a friend and I will call her "friend A".  Friend A and I have been friends with each other for a few years now and her husband works with mine.  There were several of us girls that were good friends so always did stuff together and when school started, we kind of drifted apart, but I always tried to maintain some kind of communication with her.  A few of us decided at some point to create a group on FB so our group of friends could plan something and not include others that would cause problems.  Then we created another group all of the wives and/or other employees of our husbands' employment could keep in touch and let each other know if there were any needs, i.e., deaths, illnesses, new babies, etc.

Well, to make a long story short, an employee died, and some of the ladies in the larger group felt like no one cared, no one did anything for this family, etc.  It was blamed on Friend A, so she made it where everyone in the group could post anything anytime, which was a great idea.  I talked to Friend A and reminded her what kind of women we are dealing with and not to let that worry her.  I tried to do some damage control.

Fast forward a bit to March of this year, a friend was hurt on the job and his wife was expecting a new baby any day.  So I send out message to the larger group of ladies and was basically said that I knew there was animosity between some of the women, but it needed to be put aside for the good of our husbands and their jobs.  I had a few agreements and I thought everything was okay.  I never got a response of any kind from Friend A.  Not one.  I put one of the female employees in charge that's in the office of letting me know when someone might have a need and she agreed she would do that.  I was trying to keep everything together.

That's what I do.  I will always put any feelings I have aside to keep from there being any friction with family or friends.  That's who I am.

Apparently, this time it backfired on me. I've noticed some changes in how Friend A was acting towards me, making me feel like she could take me or leave me.  I've invited her to stuff to which she has declined.  I am so sad that she is not a part of my life anymore.  She is such a good hearted person and me being around her made me a better person.  I'm not going to beg someone to be my friend, but I need to know that I've done everything I can and as long as I feel good about what I've done, then it's not my problem.

Therefore, because of that and the fact that my kids are out of school for the summer and they have to get up earlier than they do when school is in session, I'm going to enjoy my long summer evenings with them because they are the most important in my life, I am not getting on Facebook.  Always too much drama!  We have swimming to do, Monopoly to play, ice cream to eat and lots of hugs and kisses to be had.

Hope everyone has a great summer!

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