Friday, October 9, 2009

Dearest V-Snake

Dear Low Down Dirty Snake,

I need to get some things off my chest. I don’t like you at all. You are a snake. Plain and simple. I remember sitting in the church watching you and G-Daddy get married and I cried the entire time. It’s not the fact that G-daddy was marrying someone else after losing G-Mother to cancer, it was the fact that he was marrying YOU! Everything seemed to be okay at first, but then you decided, after spending half of any money he had, you were leaving him. You bought a townhouse and he lived in a townhouse that Uncle-J helped him get. G-daddy is a man of his word and when he said "I do" he meant it and he wasn’t going to divorce you, sadly enough. Then he had knee surgery and here comes Low Down Dirty Snake to the rescue and ya’ll get back together and spent entirely too much money for a house you really couldn’t afford AND financed it for 30 years!! After this, you spend the REST of his hard earned money, money that G-MOTHER saved for him/them and you spent it, plus some. You maxed out all of his credit cards, didn’t make the house payment, but you managed to get your fat self a hot tub and a house full of furniture! You make me want to vomit. After you spent all of his money, you wanted to leave again, so you did and purchased yourself a nice little all brick garden home and he is having to live in an apartment around Section 8 tenants while you live high on the hog, probably plotting to take another man’s hard earned money! Oh but wait, G-daddy wasn’t the first, was he? You are a Low Down Dirty Snake and you will have to answer for this one way or another. I just hope you have taken the hint to stay away from our family. I will say that if given the opportunity, you will get an ear full from me, that’s for sure!!! Betta Watch Yo Back Sista!!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a horrible sounding woman! I am so sorry that he is going through that and you are having to watch. I hope that she gets her due soon.

    Thanks for linking up! What a very sad, but well spoken letter!

  2. Just so hard to watch that happen to someone you love. Everyone will have to answer for their actions in the end. Sorry.

  3. It would seem we are both riled by the action of people lacking in pure and simple morals. I couldn't squeeze mine all into one letter so I'm venting as the mood strikes this week over at my blog. It feels good doesn't it? I'm just going to say one thing at this point in time...KARMA.

    Venting is healthy :0)



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